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SMTP Server Pro
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"An SMTP annex POP3 email server solution"
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SMTP Server Pro

The product presented here is called SMTP Server Pro. If you’ve been searching for a solution to set up your proper email server, consider reading on because here’s an SMTP annex POP3 mail server program you might be interested in. SMTP and POP3 stand respectively for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol and Post Office Protocol 3, the latter being the current standard. SMTP is an email transmission standard used for mail submission and POP3 is used by local email clients to retrieve messages from a server.

SMTP Server Pro is an easy-to-use application that can work in the logoff mode and it ensures email privacy and security. It is capable of handling high-volume messaging and as such suited for professional environments.

Check out the preview images and proceed to the demo download to evaluate its features and as such find out more details about this product.

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