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Smart Alert Pro

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"Centralized SharePoint alert messaging management"
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Smart Alert Pro

If your company uses Microsoft SharePoint for its document management, intranet content management and maybe even for other aspects of the corporate organization, you might be interested in the product presented here, called Smart Alert Pro.

Traditionally the inbox has been used for managing alert messages, for instance you might be a system administrator receiving notifications from a range of equipment.

Now, with Smart Alert Pro you can even implement conditions, timed notifications and user-defined email templates, among others as to precisely select when and what you should be notified of, as such preventing your inbox will be flooded by messages you won't even read.

The possibilities and features of this application cannot be covered entirely in this article, so it's recommended proceeding to the download if you're interested in finding out more details.

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Version 1.23.5
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On Site Since 27/June/2012
Author Infowise Ltd
Last Update 17/June/2015
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Compatible Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2003
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