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"Effortessly create scores with presition and fast speed"
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With Sibelius you can create perfect scores faster thanks to a carefully selected range of features.

It is a program that now brings enhancements and all the necessary for all kinds of musicians, composers, educators, copyists, students, arrangers and pretty much everyone interested in the world of music creation.

Sibelius features a Magnetic Layout that will take care of about all details of the score layout, so that you can work effortlessly. When writing, it provides all the necessary in the right distance, avoiding collisions, which will produce great results and save you up to half of the expected writing time.

Another feature of the program can keep track of the revisions to your score, allowing you to look back at previous versions and check which modifications were performed before the current version. In fact, you can add sticky comments and notes for other people or even for yourself.

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