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"Dedicated all-in-one DVD copy solution for Windows"
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If you tried yet to copy a DVD, you might have realized it is not always that simple as copying and pasting a normal file on your computer. So, here we present a utility especially dedicated to deal with DVD movies, called RZ DVD Copy

With RZ DVD Copy you will be able to clone, burn, backup and copy DVD movies, whether these are protected or not by a known DVD copy protection measure.

This is an excellent way to make ISO image backup files of your original DVDs, or make an exact one-to-one clone or a customized copy. You can choose to include intros, menus, subtitles, sound tracks, languages and special features, or not.

Furthermore, besides all the classic formats, this utility also offers solutions for DVD-9 splitting to two DVD-5 discs.

So, whether you want to make a DVD copy to a new disk or to your hard disk, here you can download a dedicated program for the task at hand.

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