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"Log into websites and fill form with a single click"
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Usually, we have many accounts in different sites. That means we have to remember many different combinations of user names and passwords. If we need to create a new account, we always have to fill-in forms, something that can be very tedious and time-consuming. As a lot of information is always the same, Roboform provides a useful solution.

Roboform is a software that will save your information once and will apply it to all the forms you have to fill with just one click. That way, you will save time in an easy and secure way.

Roboform also saves all your passwords of different internet services, applications and protected files. Automatically, the rest of your passwords will be filled in. With one master password, you won't need to remember the rest. No matter the web browser you use, or the operating system you use, the information can be exchanged from one to other. Synchronize different computers to enable the benefits in all of them and use this easy access software from any of those. The military-level encryption (AES-256) will keep your information safe.

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