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"Race-simulator that will make you race like never before"
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Image Space Incorporated (ISI), the company behind rFactor, is specialised in the development of simulators, not only for commercial ends, but also for military applications. So, here is rFactor, resulting to be one of the best race-simulators around.

rFactor will let you drive any car, whether existing, experimental or just fantasy. These cars can be raced on a variety of circuits.

The standard basic race-simulator does not contain many cars nor circuits, as it is supposed to be completed by others. No worries though, there is a huge amount of mods out there on the internet that you can use to add vehicles, circuits and other things to rFactor.

This race-simulator has an entirely new graphical engine which is also used by Formula-1 teams to test and demonstrate their new designs.

Now start racing, make your choice about whether you want a cockpit or swingman view, ask for a complete pitstop if you need one during the race, and enjoy.

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Version 1255g
License Demonstration
On Site Since 15/October/2010
Author Image Space Incorporated
Last Update 8/June/2015
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Language English (GB)
Compatible Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
Requirements DirectX