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PASW Statistics

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"Advanced software for statistical analysis featuring an easy use"
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PASW Statistics

PASW Statistics, previously well-known as SPSS, brings an innovative way of statistical analysis. Including a complete range of features to cover all needs, it allows an easy understanding of its use although you are new or experienced.

This modelling tool for statistical data is frequently used by academic and government organizations in order to solve research and business matters, as sometimes databases and spreadsheets are not good enough. It can be used in areas such as: Clinical, medical, social services, scientific, resource planning, administrative research, quality enhancement and others.

PASW Statistics possesses various modules. For instance, the Direct marketing module has been created to allow an easier analysis of data and the Bootstrapping module is ideal for analysts.

Between its main features we can mention the data base assistant, Syntaxes editor, result management system, inclusion of helpful tutorials; access, management and editing of data; creation of all types of graphics, between others.

By using this tool, you will trust in your results and be sure at the time of deciding.

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