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"You determine the tune in this colorful music game"
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One of the most important things for a musician is to find the right tune. If they don't make it, the merciless crowd will give them a very hard time. In osu!, you will have to get the right tune of the music. Show your ability with the mouse and become the music. How does this sound to you?

osu! is based on the Nintendo DS game of the same name, and it works in the same way. The difference is that you will have to use your mouse. There will be some colorful spots where you will have to click. Sometimes, you will even have to draw shapes in order to get the right tune of your songs. The most important thing is that you must be precise and accurate, so click at just the right time you are supposed to do it. The songs are called beatmaps, and they get installed with just one click. osu! includes a tutorial that it is recommended to read before playing. After that, you will enjoy of a music game full of color.

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Author peppy
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Requirements .NET Framework 3.0+