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"Fast and powerful internet browser with security enhancements"
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For many of us, the internet experience is closely related to browsing, hence the browser used plays an important role. Here we present you Opera, renown for years by professionals, demanding and knowledgeable users.

Opera is not for nothing among the four most popular web browsers, as it scores well in various tests done by third parties. Not only is it one of the fastest browsers, but it is also very advanced and innovative. For instance, did you know this was the first browser to offer tabbed browsing functionality, as well as the one that began the HTML5 specification that yet is transforming the web?

Before entering into what's new in the new version, we'll quickly present the basics, so those who might not know Opera yet can get a better understanding of what this browser has to offer its users.

Besides the obvious, what you encounter in most browsers, this browser's features include speedy browsing, easy private browsing, session management, advanced bookmarking, keyboard shortcuts, anti-malware protection, drag-and-drop functionality, password management, extensions, developer tools and a built-in email client, among others.

In various tests, Opera still comes out as the fastest browser, and now it even implemented SPDY support, a new protocol for making SPDY-enabled pages load even faster, which is the case yet for Twitter, Gmail, Wordpress and soon Facebook too.

Furthermore, besides a wide range of new goodies, HTML5 and the latest web standards get better support in this new version, as such Opera guarantees an excellent, fast and secure web surfing experience.

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