New Star Soccer

New Star Soccer

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"A soccer video game in which you can become a star"
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New Star Soccer

The product presented here is the video game called New Star Soccer. If you’ve ever wanted to be a soccer star player, this is your chance as in this soccer simulator you can create your proper character. But you don’t become a star that easily, you’ll have to train or better said train your character as well.

To begin you will pick your character’s strong points and over time you’ll play for test teams, improving the abilities, as well as managing the character’s personal life.

Get points and spend them wisely to improve and be prepared for sudden problems to appear in your life.

Also, have a look at the graphics shown on the preview images. New Star Soccer is definitely worth checking out for the soccer video game fans among you. So, if interested in evaluating this game, proceed to the demo download.

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Version 5 1.12
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