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"Visualize online videos and downloads from one single place"
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Miro, also known as the Open-source Internet TV Platform, is an impressing application capable of automatically downloading, playing and managing videos from RSS-based channels.

This internet TV application works with social tagging video web sites such as VideoBomb; not only that, but also with a TV guide for internet TV like Channel Channel.  

This application provides a list of RSS Channels, although you can subscribe to many more. At the time of watching TV, you will see more than 5000 channels. In fact, you can add more by entering new URLs.  

Miro is also capable of acting as an effective multimedia player which you can use to visualize all video files in your PC. This player features HD formats support.

That´s not it, as you will also find a Torrent client that allows downloading all files through P2P.

Miro is a powerful video player that will surely enjoy.

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