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"IRC client to chat in real time with simplicity"
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mIRC is one of the pioneers of communication over the internet, allowing people to chat in real time. This software was one is one of the firsts clients to use the IRC system (Internet Relay Chat).

Since this IRC client was created, it has implemented new features, keeping the same basic options that offer probably the simplest way to chat totally away from complications.

With mIRC, you will be able to chat with several contacts in multiple windows simultaneously. This IRC client offers a useful agenda in which you can clearly organize your contacts. The best of all is that, you may send all types of files to your contacts and receive files from them as well.

The interface is very simple. There are many options to configure the program in several aspects such as colour, conversation histories, file sending, sounds and more.

mIRC is one of the classics of real time chatting.

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