Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Express

Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Express

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"Create, debug and deploy your applications on variety of platforms"
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Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Express

Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Express is an indispensable tool for those who perform basic development tasks. It result handy in the creation, debugging, and deployment in your favorite platform like Share Point and the Cloud.

Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Express provides streamlined, easy to learn, and easy to use IDEs for hobbyists, students and pro-developers.

This IDE software includes MSDN that provides access to the core Microsoft platforms like windows 7 Ultimate, Microsoft SQL server 2008 R2 data center and others. Designers and editors will be able to customize their workplaces depending on their preference, making their work easier.

Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Express allows the designers to build applications in windows 7 because this essential software comes with built-in tool for windows 7 development. Also create RIA and WPF applications with this handy software.

Although this integrated development environment (IDE) is free, you may need to register inside the 30 days to continue to use it.

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License Freeware
On Site Since 18/June/2010
Author Microsoft Corporation
Last Update 14/February/2012
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Language English (GB) Spanish (Spain) Italian German Japanese Russian French
Compatible Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7