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Microsoft Office Publisher

The product presented here is called Microsoft Office Publisher, also known as simply Microsoft Publisher. Although it belongs to the Microsoft Office family line of products, it’s only part of the higher-end Microsoft Office productivity suite versions. Nevertheless, here we provide you a freeware demo download of the Microsoft Office Publisher 2013 edition.

Microsoft Publisher has a history that goes back more than two decades and it was first released in 1991 and the latest release is the 2013 version presented here.

Microsoft Office Publisher - an entry level DTP solution

The Microsoft Office Publisher application is similar to the Microsoft Word one, the latter being a renown word processor being presented in detail elsewhere on Winportal, as well as other key applications belonging to the Microsoft Office family such as Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint, respectively standards for spreadsheets and presentations.

Now, although similar to Word, it differs from it because the latter is a word processor and Microsoft Office Publisher is a desktop publishing (DTP) solution. As such, emphasis is placed on page design and layout, rather than on text proofing and composition.

Desktop publishing is basically the creation of documents that will be published, comparable to traditional printing and typography, but lately also a reference for digital typography.

This application might be just the entry-level DTP solution to consider as an alternative for the dedicated full-blown market leading applications because it integrates well with other Microsoft Office products and doesn’t require a significant amount of time and effort to be invested in order to master basic page layout skills.

Microsoft Office Publisher - a WYSIWYG page layout software solution

Microsoft Office Publisher provides you a series of features you’re probably familiar with from working with other Microsoft Office applications. Furthermore, it’s a WYSIWYG page layout solution, with WYSIWYG standing for What You See Is What You Get, meaning it’s a system in which the edited content will closely resemble the finished published or printed output.

Its proprietary PUB file format is supported by other applications as well and Microsoft Office Publisher itself also features support for other file formats, including EMF, standing for Enhanced Metafile.

The latest version at the time of writing encompasses new designer tools which complement the existing ones, hence Microsoft Office Publisher is an easy-to-use DTP solution which facilitates things such as swapping pictures, using professional-looking effects, picture background, searching for and adding online pictures from albums on Flickr and Facebook, mail merge functionality, simplified sharing, photo printing and emailing, among others.

Conclusion about Microsoft Office Publisher

If you need to publish a document and are already familiar with Microsoft Office products, Microsoft Office Publisher is the entry-level desktop publishing (DTP) solution that might just suit your needs.

Now, there’s only one way to really find out whether it meets up to your requirements and that’s by proceeding to the demo download to start evaluating its features and functionality.

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