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"Program to connect 2 or more PCs by creating a secure virtual private network"
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LogMeIn Hamachi

Are you concerned about security? Using the regular ways for sharing data and files such as the P2P technology can be effective but also insecure methods. Fortunately, the LogMeIn team has worried about this situation and now they present a secure method that allows you to do anything online without worrying about security issues.

LogMeIn Hamachi is an application that lets you create your own virtual private networks (VPN) between two or more computers. With a virtual private network you can connect through the internet for example your home computer and the computer you use from work. The advantage of using these virtual networks is that all your shared data will be fully protected by standard encryption algorithms (AES-256). This special protection will allow safe transfers by creating a private channel between two PCs. However, if you feel like using extra security, you can always use the application in Local Area Networks or LANs.

With LogMeIn Hamachi you will be able to access files stored in a friend´s computer as well as your friend will be capable of accessing files in your computer. Another important reason to use this application is the possibility offered for playing video games that only have LAN playing mode.

A good point it that the connection established by LogMeIn Hamachi is never affected by routers, firewalls and others. On the other hand, the virtual networks created with the program are pretty flexible.

With LogMeIn Hamachi you will enjoy security and privacy.

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