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"LMMS | Advanced open-source audio software"
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The freeware download offered here is called LMMS. Formerly known as Linux MultiMedia Studio, here you can get the version of this digital audio workstation (DAW) suitable for modern Windows operating systems from Windows Vista onwards.

LMMS is a free DAW those among you interested in creating, recording and producing music in these modern times might be interested in for a variety of reasons.

There used to be music software, mainly MIDI-based sequencer in the beginning of the PC era, later followed by audio editors and then more elaborated applications providing studio functionality. Nowadays the technical evolution has led to the so-called digital audio workstations, a single software solution for recording, editing and producing audio material. A DAW can function from a modern laptop or a dedicated desktop computer and LMMS is such an electronic tool.

LMMS is a complete digital audio workstation (DAW)

LMMS, being a software digital audio workstation, encompasses the basic components considered common to the computer-based DAW, namely a computer, an audio interface, support for input devices and editing digital audio. It also features a central graphical user interface (GUI), a song editor for composing, a beat and bassline editor, a piano roll, a 64-channel effects mixer, out-of-the-box instrument as well as effect plugins, support for automation, compatible with various audio standards such as MIDI, SF2 and VST, among others.

With LMMS you can record, create and produce audio and music

LMMS is a multitrack recording annex production solution musicians and recording engineers will be readily familiar with. Whether you’ve worked with a traditional tape recorder or another DAW, LMMS should be no problem for you to master quickly. It will enable you to create your beats and melodies, hooking up an external MIDI keyboard, record analogue instruments, add digital Virtual Studio Technology instruments (VSTi), mix your sounds, apply Virtual Studio Technology (VST) effects to your tracks, synthesize sounds, arrange samples, and many more.

LMMS is an excellent digital audio workstation, especially if you don’t want to invest your money in the software so you can use it to acquire the basic hardware required for modern audio production. It might also be an interesting solution for those among you just entering the field of digital music creation and production, allowing you to get familiar with a fully-featured DAW, hence building basic skills that will be required to work with any similar professional product.

Conclusion about LMMS

If music is your passion and you want to jump onto the digital bandwagon, seriously consider LMMS as your digital audio workstation (DAW). It encompasses all the basic features and some particular ones that will get you started right away. Furthermore, you might also consider installing LMMS on your Linux box, but remember here we provide you the version suitable for Windows as a download.

So, hit the download button now and start making some music with this open-source DAW.

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