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LiveUSB Install

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"Have your live Linux distribution on a USB"
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LiveUSB Install

As you reached this page and are reading this article, chances are you're familiar with the concept of a live disc, also known as live CD or live DVD. Well, now you can add live USB to that list, as here we present the free product called LiveUSB Install.

A live medium consists of a complete bootable operating system (OS) running in the computer's memory. The live disc is often used for technical support reasons, such as disinfecting or repairing a system, file restoration, and other situations that might require access to the system's hard drives from an external operating system. Linux is often the OS of choice and this is also what LiveUSB Install will offer you. Now you can have your favourite Linux distribution, and as a matter of fact even various ones, on your bootable thumb drive.

Interesting features include automatic download of distributions from the internet, the creation of “persistent” installs of certain distributions and support for formatting flash drives bigger than 32GB, among others.

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Version 2.5.6
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Author LiveUSB Install
Last Update 14/January/2015
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Compatible Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7