Live Advert Remover

Live Advert Remover

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"Block advertisements from being updated in Live Messenger"
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Live Advert Remover

Those among you who still use Microsoft's Live Messenger and interested in an application that only need to be run once to have all advertisement banners normally displayed blocked, might be interested in the free product presented here, called Live Advert Remover. So, this product will not remove the default banner but it will not be replaced by any commercial advertisement.

So, with Live Advert Remover, formerly known as MSN Advert Removal, you could effectively get rid of updating advertisements for older Microsoft messenger versions. Note that this product does not work with the Messenger Plus! Extension.

Now, this program should only be run once to have the messenger's system patched as to achieve the aforementioned result. Proceed to the download if interested in this product to block advertisement updates in Live Messenger.

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License Freeware
On Site Since 29/February/2012
Author 4Neurons
Last Update 17/July/2013
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Language English (GB)
Compatible Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
Requirements Windows Live Messenger