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"Easily synchronise your ebooks from your PC to your Kindle"
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Kindle Sync

It’s been some time since the first electronic books saw the light and nowadays you might be the owner of a dedicated ebook reader, such as the Amazon Kindle device. Well, here you can download a dedicated freeware application, called Kindle Sync, that will facilitate transferring your books from your personal computer to your Kindle. It’s a synchronisation utility that will perform a copy operation of your PRC file, keeping your folder structure intact. It supports multiple directories and will automatically recognise all PRC files.

The latest version of Kindle Sync, which you can download here at the time of writing, comes with added multithreading support for searching as well as transferring ebooks.

As shown on the preview images, it comes with a simple and easy-to-use graphical interface, suitable for any kind of user.

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Version 1.1
License Freeware
On Site Since 28/April/2015
Author oraitecamonyes
Last Update 29/April/2015
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Language English (GB) Portuguese
Compatible Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7