KiCad (2010-05-05)

KiCad (2010-05-05)

2013-07-07 BZR4022
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"Design and create electronic circuits and diagrams"
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KiCad (2010-05-05)

KiCad is a program that allows you to create and to design printed circuit boards (PCB) and electronic schematic diagrams. The program has a project manager, which is called 'KiCad' and four other sections 'Eeschema', 'Cvpcb', 'Pcbnew', and 'Gerbview'.

PcbNew is the printed circuit board editor that allows you to work with a maximum of 16 copper layers and 12 technical layers. This application also creates all the necessary files that are needed for actually creating a physical PCB. It can also show you a 3D view of the PCB including its components, it uses OpenGL to do this.

Eeshema is an application that allows you to create simple or hierarchical schemes, which you can test with the ERC (Electrical Rules Check) tool that is included with the program. You can use Gerbview to read documents that have been saved in a Gerber format. This is a format that is used for photo-plotter documents. Finally, Cvpcb is a tool that lets you select the footprints of the components that can be used in the designing and creating of your circuit.

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