Hard Reset

Hard Reset

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"Hard Reset brings us the eternal fight from machines vs humans"
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Hard Reset

Do you think in the future machines are going to be smarter than the human being? That they even fight against us? There are so many books, comics, movies, and also video games about a war of humans vs. machines,and now Hard Reset takes on this story.

In this case an independent developer brings us Hard Reset, a game about that immortal battle between robots and mankind, which always has been in our imagination.

This is a "first person shooter" game, which has a full pack of action to enjoy. In Hard Reset you fight with different kind of weapons against machines with artificial intelligence. Hard Reset is presented andtold as a comic, with a funny and cool style, which only comics can have.

This independent game has a good quality of sound and a science fiction story. Hard Reset is about you having to save the last survivors of the human race, but not everything is like you think.

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On Site Since 12/September/2011
Author Flying Wild Hog
Last Update 16/September/2011
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Language English (GB)
Compatible Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
Requirements DirectX