GTA V Trailer

GTA V Trailer

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"All the fans now can see the first GTA V Trailer"
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GTA V Trailer

The first GTA V Trailer has been released and gives a little taste of the new chapter of one of the best saga in the history of video games. The video shows you the great style of GTA, that is preserved in GTA V. The GTA V Trailer has a duration of 1 minute 24 seconds. In that period of time you can see car persuits, expensive vehicles, a lot of action, violence and all the features of this astonishing game. In this video you will be able to learn a little more about your favourite video game.

All that we know is that this game will be located in the city of Los Santos, which was the place where the action took place in Grand Theft Auto III. A Los Santos devasted by the financial crisis...

Rockstar has released this video to show you a little bit of GTA V, and soon you will know when you will be able to enjoy the next chapter in this great saga.

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