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"Enjoy online activities completely anonymously"
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As you might have heard, the internet is being monitored by tons of marketing tools, waiting for users to visit their websites. As soon as they detect a new 'victim, they start filling their emails with spam, or install spywares or other malwares that caused unwanted windows to just pop up on your screen. If you have some your privacy concerns, or if you just don't want anyone to know what websites you visit, or what you do online, then try this application. GPass is a simple yet useful application that will grant complete anonymity while surfing the web.

GPass is kind of a proxy server, a server that redirects all the traffic through them, redirecting your IP address. This way, websites that keep a log file will only see the IP address of the proxy servers instead of yours. You can also use this application to bypass certain restrictions based on your location or your network. For example, you can log into Facebook or watch videos in YouTube, even if those websites are blocked in your school or office.

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On Site Since 4/August/2010
Author GPASS
Last Update 26/June/2014
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