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"Geogebra | Open-source solution for teaching and learning mathematics"
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The freeware download offered here is called GeoGebra. It’s an open-source mathematical application which is interactive and encompasses tools for calculus, algebra and geometry.

GeoGebra is intended for teaching and learning science and mathematics from the primary school level up to the university. It is available for several platforms, both as desktop application and mobile device app, but here we provide you the regular version for your Windows computer. Note that elsewhere on Winportal we also offer you the free portable version of GeoGebra as well.

GeoGebra is interactive software for learning geometry and algebra

GeoGebra is an interactive application written in Java and suitable for all educational levels, but actually is often used in middle schools as a dynamic way of learning geometry and algebra. With this educational program teachers and students will be capable of simplifying all related operations.

The creation of GeoGebra started in 2001 and all development related to this project has been taking place at several universities, together with the help of translators and open-source developers from all over the globe.

The main features of GeoGebra are its Interactive Mathematics Environment, making it belong to the category of IGS, the latter standing for interactive geometry software or DGE, dynamic geometry environment. Furthermore, it also has a built-in computer algebra system (CAS), as well as spreadsheet functionality with extended skills. Moreover, it allows scriptings and the availability of multiple interactive teaching and learning resources.

Last but not least, if you’re using a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), think about Moodle for example, you might be pleased to know your GeoGebra projects can be exported to suitable HTML.

GeoGebra comes with a simple yet powerful graphical user interface (GUI)

GeoGebra provides the user with a split graphical user interface providing two windows: one for algebra and another one for geometry.

From the geometry window, you will be able to build constructions using vectors, lines, points, conic sections, segments, polygons or functions that can be dynamically modified.

On the other side, you can enter or modify elements and equations either through the command line or directly on the screen.

GeoGebra will automatically transform operations in a window into the format of the other window. For example, if a curve is drawn, its corresponding equation will be instantly created in the other window.

As such, GeoGebra’s graphical user interface provides easy access to a wide range of functionality, yet it has been kept clean and intuitive. It will allow connecting algebra, graphics and tables in a fully dynamic manner.

Conclusion about GeoGebra

With GeoGebra you have a free open-source solution for teaching and learning not only mathematics in general, but algebra, statistics, graphing, geometry and calculus interactively. Free materials are also available, it features an easy-to-use graphical interface yet enables accessing a wide range of advanced features. That’s why it has received various educational software awards over the years.

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