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"Create a genealogy tree with pictures out of your family and print a poster"
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If you want to let someone know about the exact history of your family, GenoPro is the perfect software to get it done.

This excellent program has been designed to create family trees, which outstands thanks to its facilities at the time of learning and working on these detailed schemes. So, even if you are new to this software, you´ll know how to handle it in just a few minutes.

GenoPro represents your entire family tree using great genograms, which are graphical representations of families composed by a set of rules, images and all kinds of details.

The program can create all types of family trees, from the most complex families to even pictures. It is possible to add unlimited number of pictures for each of the members and family.

As soon as your family tree is finished, the program enables you to save it to a metafile that can be inserted in PowerPoint, Word or in any other Microsoft app. Metafiles are awesome pictures with transparent backgrounds that may be scaled to all sizes without losing quality. So with GenoPro, you can create large posters of your family tree. It will also let you burn a CD ROM out of your family album.

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