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Free Virtual Keyboard
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"A simple, portable and useful virtual on screen keyboard"
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Free Virtual Keyboard

The freeware download presented here is called Free Virtual Keyboard. Although a standard Windows operating system comes with a virtual keyboard, you might be particularly interested in the virtual keyboard offered here for a variety of reasons. This one is a portable lightweight and multilingual virtual keyboard that works also on any Windows-based Ultra-Mobile PC (UMPC), a combination of the regular Windows experience with tablet and touch technology, being truly mobile. Any which way, continue reading on if interested in finding out more about it.

Take your Free Virtual Keyboard along with you

As mentioned, Free Virtual Keyboard is a portable application. This means it doesn’t require you to actually install it on your computer. As such, it won’t alter anything on your computer and it can be stored on your removable USB hard drive, pendrive or Flash drive, you can take along with you and use on any compatible computer. Imagine for a moment you’re traveling abroad, maybe to a country where they use a completely different keyboard. As such, with your Free Virtual Keyboard on your USB you’ll have a handy solution readily available. Furthermore, you could also consider saving it to your online cloud storage drive and execute it from there, anytime you have access to the internet and you’re on a compatible operating system.

Free Virtual Keyboard is a configurable virtual on-screen keyboard

You can configure certain aspects of this Free Virtual Keyboard according to your personal preferences and needs. As such, you will be able to change the keyboard’s size as suits you, without distorting the proportion of the keys. Furthermore, its transparency level can also be altered and even its colour can be modified. It has a full-screen mode in which it will automatically scale to fit the screen’s width, working both in landscape and portrait orientations. You can easily drag and drop the keyboard anywhere on the screen and resize it at any moment.

Also note that you’ll only have to click the key you wish to enter using your mouse, or by touching it with your fingers when your computer counts with a touchscreen. Its keys are large enough to be easily used for finger-typing.

As you can see on the preview images provided alongside this article, you’ll be provided a clean and simple keyboard, including the function keys F1 to F12, as well as special keys such as Shift, Ctrl, Alt, AltGr, the Windows and Menu keys, besides the regular alphanumerical keys.

Free Virtual Keyboard doesn’t come with a traditional menu, but by right-clicking on the application window’s title bar you can easily access the few options provided.

Conclusion about Free Virtual Keyboard

This Free Virtual Keyboard is a small and user-friendly virtual keyboard alternative that doesn’t take much space to store, it can be launched from removable and cloud drives, has some options enabling you to change its appearance according to your personal preferences, and as such might be just the handy solution you want to have readily available when you’re in a situation no keyboard you can use or which you’re used to, is available.

So, hit the download button to add this freeware virtual keyboard to your toolkit now.

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