Football Manager 2011

Football Manager 2011

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"The 2011 version of Football Manager series"
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Football Manager 2011

The video game presented here is called Football Manager 2011. The download contains the demo version of this football game where you’ll experience football from the coaches’ point of view.

So, for once the protagonists won’t be the players, but the coaches who need to build their teams, come up with strategies to defeat their competitors and make the team become the champion.

As such, Football Manager 2011 is quite different from the established soccer football games PES and FIFA. Now you’ll need to contract your players, communicate with the press, deal with the club’s president, as well as lead the training sessions, among others.

Football Manager 2011 counts with a large database encompassing data about all players and teams belonging to twelve competitions.

Proceed to the demo download if interested in finding out more about this game.

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