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"Download those Flash animations and videos"
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FLV.com FLV Downloader

The internet evolves, and as such it has become more visual attractive over the years. On a wide variety of web sites you'll encounter nice-looking animations and videos, you might want to download to your computer. This is not always evident though, and as such we here present a utility called FLV.com FLV Downloader.

With FLV.com FLV Downloader you'll be able to download FLV files, with FLV standing for Flash Video, a format often used for this kind of animations and online videos.

It supports saving videos from over fifty video sites, including Vimeo, RedTube, YouTube, among others.

Furthermore, it comes with a built-in video converter so you'll be able to convert those FLV files directly to formats supported by your mobile device. As such, you can transfer your favourite downloaded and converted videos to your smart phone, tablet or Apple iDevice to enjoy them offline.

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