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"The latest version of the popular open-source Firefox browser"
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Firefox, if you don't know this browser yet you might be up for an interesting journey into the possibilities of a modern web browsing experience, especially when trying out this major browser alternative, the result of an open source project.

Here we present the 32nd version of Firefox, at the time of writing the latest official release of this renown Mozilla browser. If you already have a recent version of Firefox, the update should arrive automatically when using this browser, but you might consider reading on to find out what's new.

Firefox's social API is no longer limited to using only one service at a time and as such enables you receiving notifications from various integrated services. Furthermore, the open networking protocol SPDY has been implemented as well as Transport Layer Security (TLS 1.1 and 1.2) enabled by default. VP9 video decoding has now been implemented, as well as support for Opus in WebM, and now it also features a horizantal volume control for HTML5 audio and video.

Besides these, as well as bug fixes and security enhancements, you have the new items from previous versions, such as closing tabs to the right and all other tabs, a detachable chat window, enhanced private browsing, a HTML5-based built-in PDF viewer, HTTP cache which enhances performace specially on crash recovery, and more.

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