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"FIFA 12 now has interesting new features for its loyal players"
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FIFA 12 is a very well-known game which now has improvements to make a more realistic gameplay for everybody who wants to feel a great experience of playing a football game.

There are some upgrades that improve the sensation of the game like having a better control of the footballer when you are dribbling. The defense in FIFA 12 is not going to be so easy to manage as in the previous version in which you only had to hold down one button. Now with a better control of your players you have to do your best effort to avoid attackers from entering into your area.

Another new functionality in FIFA12 is the impact engine which means for example that if one player falls down, he won't be able to play as good as before. Injuries are calculated on the force and place of the impact, giving a more realistic gameplay.

Each footballer in the game has the same characteristics like players in real life, so depending on that some will play better than others.

Lets say : enjoy it!

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