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"A portable utility to easily split and join TIFF or PDF files"
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The download offered here is called FaxTool. As you probably know, many faxes will arrive digitally in the TIFF or PDF file formats. Now, with this freeware utility you’ll be able to easily and quickly join or split your incoming faxes.

FaxTool is a very simple application that doesn’t have any configuration options. It just consists of a small application window we can call a box where you can drag and drop your source files. In the case of dragging a single PDF or TIFF file onto it, it will automatically split it. Likewise, when dropping multiple files onto it, these will be joined.

Note that the output names will be based on the filenames of the input files.

Last but not least, FaxTool doesn’t require any installation to be performed, hence it can be considered portable. As such you can perfectly include it into your portable drive’s toolkit and execute it anywhere and anytime you have access to a compatible computer.

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