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FaceFilter Studio

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"Enhance facial expressions and retouch your photos in 4 simple steps"
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FaceFilter Studio

FaceFilter Studio can convert your sad face into a smiley one or your fun face into a bored done. That´s right, this application features as one of its main functions the modification of facial expressions in photos.

This multifunctional application can also fix and enhance digital photos. Its use is actually pretty simple, as it offers an interface friendly and showy. There, you will find a set of tools and options to free your photos from unwished facial expressions, wrinkles and blemishes.

An outstanding advantage of FaceFilter Studio is that all tasks can be performed in four simple steps. That´s right, your photos can be retouched and become as perfect as you want them to be in only four steps.

By the way, the application brings some brand new features such as the Automatic Red-eye Reduction capable of detecting red eyes on multiple faces of photos and restoring them to normal colour simultaneously. Now it supports up to 12 Mega pixels at the time of editing.

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Version Pro 3.02.1821.1
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