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"A useful tool that will extract all songs from your CDs"
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express rip

If you have many music CDs that you would like your computer to play, then the best and most practical thing to do, will be to 'rip' them to your hard drive. You will be able to listen to all your favourite songs without you having to change your disks in the CD-ROM player. If you 'rip' music CDs to your hard drive, you do two different actions at once: you copy them and you convert them to a compressed format.

Express Rip CD Ripper does this for you. It is program that rips CDs and will let you extract all of your songs directly from a CD. By directly extracting the files from the CD, pure audio quality is kept. The application will let you convert them into either to MP3 or to WAV format.

Express Rip CD Ripper is one of the fastest CD rippers you can get and it has many interesting function and features. It can extract from various file formats, such as M4Q, CDA, WMA, AAC and AIFF. It will correct and adjust the audio volume of the songs automatically. It will obtain the track and album information form an online database and store this in the 'tag' that is saved within the new file.

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Version 1.81
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On Site Since 12/July/2010
Author Nch
Last Update 1/October/2012
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