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"Professional music software for composing and publishing"
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Encore is one of the best applications for music composing, notation and publishing, all thanks to its complete set of exact tools and options.

The applications offers the possibility of transcribing MIDI files or playing them directly from Encore, then it will always provide users with accurate and precise notations, besides of nice looking printouts for each time. From its friendly interface you can also extract parts and even transpose for multiple instruments. You will have the possibility of playing your music as you initially composed it. What´s more, the application has the ability of graphically displaying and playing back multiple endings, dynamic marks, pedal marks, repeats and about all MIDI controllers.

One of the main advantages you will enjoy is the possibility to fine-tune Encore scores in a single move. So if you don´t know much about composing, Encore can help you increase your level.

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