Empire of Sports

Empire of Sports

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"Sports competition game combining various sports and games"
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Empire of Sports

If you're a fan of sporting games, this one might please you, as it deals with seven sports, six games, and a world of opponents.

Empire of Sports is a combination of six games and each one of these can be played separately. Every game allows setting up a competition or one can choose to go just for a ranking and try to beat your personal high-score, or maybe you can even challenge the high-scores on one of the internet servers.

Empire of Sports may resemble Second Live for the way it's set up. You can visit different cities, shop for things in stores and make contact with the other athletes. The game represents actually three cities: France has a rather patriotic set-up, UK is a London-alike city and Arabia contains a variety of eastern influences.

These cities can be visited during your running sessions, this is a necessity to keep your character in optimal conditions. It is also a way of making contact with people from all over the world before the competition starts.

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Version 1.130
License Freeware
On Site Since 29/September/2010
Author F4 Group
Last Update 27/December/2012
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Compatible Windows XP, Windows 98, Windows Vista, Windows 7