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Eleven for Skype
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"Automatic Skype call recording and transcribing functionality"
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Eleven for Skype

The product presented here is called Eleven for Skype. Elsewhere on Winportal we presented the versatile instant messenger (IM) called Skype, now belonging to the Microsoft portfolio, in detail. That IM features chat with video, sending SMS, calling landlines, and more.

Now, Eleven for Skype is a dedicated solution for this IM that will provide you automatic call recording as well as call transcription functionality.

So, here you have a Skype plugin with a user-friendly graphical interface, facilitating audio call capture, saving your calls to your computer and transcribing these to text that can be edited. It is capable of handling forty languages at the time of writing. It furthermore comes with a built-in player and as such allows you to review your previous calls, listening to them and reading them at the same time.

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