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"Dragonica: the adventure MMOPRG game with a legend story and great action"
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There was a time when dragons and humans lived together in peace but then something happen and they went to war. Dragonica is a MMOPRG with a fantasy story, which has lot of action in the game.

Dragonica has an interesting plot which starts with the battle between humans and dragons. The Dragons were banished to another place, but The Dark Dragon Elga continues attacking the lands. Finally there were four heroes that could trap the dragon in a dark prison known as the Shadow Cabinet.

After a period of time The Dark Dragon Elga could escape from that prison and now you have to fight against evil forces, defeat them and provide peace within your lands.

The combat is basically making moves in real-time. You can gain some skills in combat every time you advance. There are ground or air attacks and you can also make combo's.

In the game you have four characters to choose from warrior, thief, archer and magician, but in the end it depends on you if you can win.

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License Freeware
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Author Creative Barunson
Last Update 3/May/2013
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Compatible Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
Requirements DirectX