Dragon Ball Z Budokai X Plus

Dragon Ball Z Budokai X Plus

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"A Dragon Ball Z game featuring fast moves and special techniques"
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Dragon Ball Z Budokai X Plus

Dragon Ball Z brought the exciting adventures of Goku and his friends, who had to face terrible battles against the most powerful opponents of the universe in order to save the Earth, and some times the entire Universe.

After some time since the release of the Dragon Ball saga, we present a game that will let you experience and revive those spectacular fights. Dragon Ball Z Budokai X Plus is a game that features more than 100 Dragon Ball Z characters, among who are villains and heroes. As soon as you start playing it, you will see a 3D-recreation of the classic scenes we saw in the TV saga.

Once you are fighting, you can make lighting fast moves and have a variety of special abilities. You must increase your Ki (concentration energy) to be able to use several types of techniques. For instance, you can use it for the Power Guard technique to reduce damages. You can also use your Ki to throw a powerful Blast (ray of power) and inflict great damage to your opponents.

What's more, Dragon Ball Z Budokai X Plus brings a campaign mode to experience adventures and complete missions. It also includes an online mode that will let you to play against other people over the internet.

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