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Deep Freeze Standard
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"Deep Freeze Standard | Prevent malware from changing your system's configuration"
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Deep Freeze Standard

The product presented here is called Deep Freeze Standard. Deep Freeze is a protective system software application available for various operating systems, including Mac, Linux and Windows. Now, here you can actually download the demo version of the standard edition for the Windows platform.

Deep Freeze Standard is aimed at the system administrators among you looking for a solution to protect the computers they are responsible for. How does Deep Freeze Standard works? Well, basically a computer with this application installed on it will be restored to its original configuration each time the computer is restarted.

Deep Freeze Standard will keep your system configuration stable

Deep Freeze Standard is a security program that will prevent your computer from being infected permanently. Its ability of freezing the options for configuring an operating system will always keep your computer in its current state. This doesn’t mean changes can’t be made, but no matter what changes are made or which options are tweaked, the operating system will always go back to its original state when the computer is restarted.

As soon as you, the system administrator, make use of Deep Freeze Standard, it creates a restoration point and every time you reboot your computer it will return to that point.

Use Deep Freeze Standard to freeze disc units and prevent permanent infections

With Deep Freeze Standard you can as such reset corruption problems, data loss, viruses and any other type of security threats, malicious and accidental changes, as they will be undone when rebooting the computer in question.

That's not all though, Deep Freeze Standard features a variety of interesting options such as the password-protection functionality for example.

Once a disc unit or partition has been selected and frozen, the freezing effect can be blocked on some system restarts and as such the system administrator can perform the required modifications.

Another feature concerns the Master Boot Record and Deep Freeze Standard’s support for several types of partitions and disc units (SATA, SCSI, IDE and ATA), besides of the essential compatibility with NTFS, FAT32 and FAT files systems.

Conclusion about Deep Freeze Standard

Deep Freeze Standard isn’t really a proactive security solution, but it might just the perfect companion for your antivirus software. Be aware though it doesn’t prevent infections from occurring, but it provides you an easy reset solution as you just have to reboot the computer and it will be returned to its previously configured state.

Deep Freeze Standard gets its job done by using special technology to reboot and restore the computer it is installed upon, providing its particular protection against system alterations and as such it eliminates the necessity for IT professionals to troubleshoot, reconfigure or reinstall a computer system. Hence, it might be a great time-saver.

So, if interested in Deep Freeze Standard, whether you run an internet café or some similar small business that has several computers connected to the internet, proceed to the demo download for Windows right now.

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