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Decipher TextMessage

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"Access, export and more functions for your iMessages and others"
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Decipher TextMessage

The product presented here is called Decipher TextMessage. It’s a dedicated solution for iPhone owners who’d like to be able to save their text messages to their personal computer running on Windows, as well as to recover deleted messages from a backup.

As you have an iPhone you’re probably familiar with iTunes which is also from Apple. That media player annex iDevice management and backup solution is presented elsewhere on Winportal and by following the provided link you can find out more about it as well as download it for free.

Now, with Decipher TextMessage you’ll be capable of reading and saving messages from your iDevice. It works not only for SMS, but also for MMS, and iMessages for iPad and iPod Touch, besides the iPhone of course.

Other features include saving and viewing MMS attachments, read messages from an iTunes backup, search the message history, exporting, and more.

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Version 8.4.0
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On Site Since 18/May/2015
Author Decipher Media, LLC.
Last Update 18/May/2015
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Compatible Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8