Death Rally 2012

Death Rally 2012

Versione Completa
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"Shooter rally game, be the fastest or terminate all opponents"
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Death Rally 2012

Death Rally 2012 is a new version of the classic from 1996. This version comes with new circuits and vehicles, excellent graphics and low system requirements.

Be ready to gun the engine and load the guns, the classic is here again but it is now more vicious than ever before.

Death Rally 2012 can only be won being the fastest or using your guns and bombs to destroy and finish all your opponents. Every car is armed to its teeth, so when the light turns green, be ready to take off with one hand on your armoury and one foot on the gas pedal.

It might take some time at the beginning to get a grip on the game play, but don't give up if you get disorientated, keep on practising and you might like this version as much as many liked the original Death Rally.

Ready, set? Be aware when you start playing this game, do not expect any olympic sportsmanship, be ready to drive fast and fire a lot.

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Version Versione Completa
License Freeware
On Site Since 7/August/2012
Author Remedy Entertainment Ltd.
Last Update 20/December/2012
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Language English (GB)
Compatible Windows 7
Requirements DirectX