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"Add funny effects to your live webcam and make video recordings"
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CyberLink YouCam

The product presented here is called CyberLink YouCam. It’s a dedicated camera and webcam application that will enable you to give that extra touch to still and moving images taken with your personal computer’s camera. What follows is a more details description of this application’s features and functionality.

Add special effects to your webcam with CyberLink YouCam

Did you know you can do more with your webcam than just turning it on to transmit a video stream when having a conversation? Whether or not you know it, we confirm that with CyberLink YouCam you’ll get a unique and innovating solution enabling to do amazing things with your webcam. For example, it will allow using live video filters, creating photo effects and performing online presentations, among others.

The first thing many think about when hearing the word webcam is a videoconference. Nowadays most people have one or more instant messenger (IM) applications installed on their Windows computer, enabling them to have a video chat or conference with friends, family members, and others. To name some: Yahoo! Messenger and Skype, two of the most popular ones, each described in detail elsewhere on Winportal. Well, with CyberLink YouCam installed you could transform the image of your webcam in various ways by adding visual effects, such as superimposing strange, particular and also funny stuff on your face, while having a video chat using such an instant messenger.

Besides providing hundreds of visual effects, CyberLink YouCam also encompasses a broad range of animations, animated frames, three-dimensional (3D) avatars that react to your moves, among others.

Record videos with CyberLink YouCam, ready to share with the world on social sites

So, you can not only alter your live webcam stream, but you can also use CyberLink YouCam to record videos. Whether for business presentations or funny personal clips, you might appreciate this application’s functionality to create videos using effects such as overlays, emoticon objects, disguises, magic particles, among other effects.

Furthermore, the videos recorded with CyberLink YouCam can be instantly shared on social websites such as YouTube and Facebook, only requiring a couple of clicks.

For the technically interested, CyberLink YouCam encompasses built-in video enhancers using TrueTheater enhancement technology, automatically adjusting sharpness and lightning by clicking on a button, as well as YouCam Mirror transforming your computer screen into a mirror, facilitating taking a selfie, just to mention a few additional things about this program.

CyberLink YouCam is an easy-to-use application suitable for beginners

To use and have fun with CyberLink YouCam you don’t need to be a computer expert, as it is an easy-to-use and intuitive application providing an intuitive graphical interface even the novice among you should have no problem with.

So, if this sounds like an application you’d like to try or to find out more about it, consider proceeding to the demo download so you can start evaluating it right away.

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Version 6.0.2728.0
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On Site Since 25/March/2010
Author CyberLink Corp.
Last Update 26/November/2014
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Compatible Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
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