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"Make everything easier with 6 different desktops from a cool-designed 3D cube"
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CubeDesktop brings six different desktops to your PC. It allows you to enjoy multiple desktops independently, which is really useful if you frequently have a lot of work to do on your computer. By using it you will gain more space and get better organization for everything.

One of the outstanding features of the desktops is that it is possible to switch from one to another in a snap, allowing users to operate pretty quickly. All from a cool-designed 3D cube you can easily rotate at any time you wish.

CubeDesktop brings an attractive new look to your Windows PC. However, you can choose a 3D carousel or a 3D flip menu. That´s not all, the program also brings a set of options you can customize to your preferences.

If you wish to run CubeDesktop, you need to use a computer with decent capacity.

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Version NXT 2.14.0220
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