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Since its first appearance in 1989, CorelDRAW has become the industry-standard software for professional graphic designers. This powerful vector graphics editor allows you to create anything you can imagine, but what impress the most, is how intuitive it is and how fast it processes large image files.

For users who are just making their first steps in the graphic design world, CorelDRAW includes 10,000 clipart and digital images, 1,000 high-resolution photos, 1,000 fonts, 350 templates, 2,000 vehicle templates and 800 frames and patterns: everything you need to start your own project. Just import some templates and bring them your sense of style and creativity.

For the real graphic design professionals, it reinvented the art of creating and editing digital images. CorelDRAW allows you to create layouts and position objects with ease thanks to the temporary guidelines. This can also be useful for designing interactive websites, as you can easily customize any of the page elements.

Once you are ready to add some color, the color management engine will make things a lot easier. CorelDRAW features probably the most advanced Object Styles docker that considerably simplifies not only the management, but also the creation and application of styles. Its Style Sets will help you apply consistent formatting to multiple objects, and the Color Harmonies allows you to group color styles to quickly produce recurring designs by simply varying color schemes. From marketing panels to interactive and visually attractive websites, there is nothing this software can't do.

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