Connected Field

Connected Field

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"Facilitate SharePoint list data input via cascading master-detail relationships"
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Connected Field

If your SharePoint users need to enter data based on list lookup data, you might be interested in the product presented here, called Connected Field.

With Connected Field you'll be able to implement cascading master-detail relationships between lookup columns in SharePoint lists as well as document libraries and as such, expand the built-in basic lookup columns functionality.

As such, entering data will become easier for your users who might not even notice the difference as to the normal look-and-feel, so no additional user training will be required.

This product allows you to add a new level of relationships among column data, supporting single-to-single, single-to-multiple, multiple-to-single and multiple-to-multiple relationships.

To find out more details about its features and benefits, proceed to the download.

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Version 2.14.12
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Compatible Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2003