Clean Virus MSN

Clean Virus MSN

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"Detect and delete any MSN Messenger virus"
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Clean Virus MSN

Users of MSN Messenger concerned about viruses might be interested in the free product presented here, called Clean Virus MSN.

We won't list the many varieties of MSN Messenger viruses out there, because that's a huge list, but we simply present this utility that can detect and delete viruses transmitted over MSN Messenger.

With Clean Virus MSN you'll get a tool that can detect over 4,000 of those, it furthermore analyses active processes in memory as well as files, and counts with a specifically targeted disinfection tool based on the VirusKeeper anti-virus software, offered elsewhere on Winportal.

Users can receive a link during conversations, apparently from one of their contacts, inviting them to open a file that appears as if it will be a photograph, but in reality it is executable code containing a virus. Once opened this virus runs and spreads itself to all the users' contacts.

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Version 4.5.1
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Author AxBx
Last Update 18/February/2014
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Compatible Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7