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Chameleon Volume
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"Automatically stop the playing music when another application sounds"
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Chameleon Volume

Many people use their computer to listen to music. Now, that’s perfectly normal, but it might be a bit of a hassle when you also regularly receive Skype calls. At those moments you generally will need to pay attention to precisely point your mouse to the speaker icon and adjust your player’s volume manually or to stop or pause the music being played.

Well, that’s where the product presented here, called Chameleon Volume, comes in at play. Using Chameleon Volume will result in your music being automatically paused when an incoming Skype call is received.

Chameleon Volume is capable of working with a variety of media players. Its functionality is not limited to the aforementioned example though. As such, it’s perfectly suitable to stop the playing music when launching a video you’d like to watch.

So, download the demo version if interested.

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