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"The ideal viewer to visualize your comics or magazines comfortably"
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CDisplay is a particular viewer specially designed for comics and magazines. In order to stand out among other viewers, there are several features and options included for a more comfortable visualization of comics and other publications. This GIF/JPEG/PNG viewer will make it possible to the read graphical documents by loading all images at once and organizing them sequentially.

The image scaling feature allows the showing of a picture while matching the width of the screen; or to reduce the width of the view if the size is larger than is possible to display. The scaling feature of CDisplay will also allow for a showing of the pages in a fixed height. The good thing about this feature is that image quality is preserved.

CDisplay also brings other options, such as a zoom mode to increase the size of a specific part in a comic or magazine. This allows for easier reading or enhancing a certain detail. Even if files are compressed, you will not have to decompress the archives. It is possible to view one or two different documents at the same time.

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