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"CamFrog Video Chat | Take you video chats to the next level"
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CamFrog Video Chat

The free download offered here is called CamFrog Video Chat. As a matter of fact, it’s the freeware version of this product for the Windows platform. Nevertheless, CamFrog is available for various operating systems and devices and it might be just the video chat solution you’ve been looking for, with a large online community and millions of members.

CamFrog Video Chat: one-on-one experience

Although a webcam isn’t required to use CamFrog Video Chat, having a webcam is something that might be useful as most of the users of this application will expect to see you too.

Video chat is something of these times, an ideal way of meeting new people online, from other countries, you’d probably never meet otherwise. Well, CamFrog Video Chat will enable you to have one-on-one private video chat experiences with many people, as there’re always thousands online, using this application.

With CamFrog Video Chat you chat and see the other one

As more and more people nowadays count with high-speed broadband internet, 3G or 4G mobile internet, video is becoming a standard when having a communication. Nevertheless, CamFrog Video Chat is an intelligent application that will take into account your connection speed and ensure your communication stays fluent, without sound disappearing or video lag problems, lowering the overall quality or video image’s size according to the capabilities of your connection.

Free video webcam chat rooms and private audio and video calls with CamFrog Video Chat

The freeware edition of CamFrog Video Chat will allow you to have video chats using your webcam, one-on-one private audio annex video calls, as well as joining chat rooms. You’ll be able to see one person’s video at a time and you’ll be able to find other online people using the provided user directory.

Note that you can even connect CamFrog Video Chat with your Facebook account and as such send instant messages via that site as well.

Furthermore, this video chat application also lets you build your proper contact list which will allow you to see who’s online and you can always leave a text, audio or video message those who aren’t online will receive upon logging in.

Conclusion about CamFrog Video Chat

CamFrog Video Chat is an easy-to-use freeware application which is very popular, offering quality video chat communication enabling one to establish contact with people from all over the world. There are thousands of webcam chat rooms where you can meet new friends and you can also use this application to communicate with your existing friends, even connect it to Facebook.

Last but not least, CamFrog Video Chat is an application that functions without a problem on wireless networks, behind routers and firewalls.

So, if you’re ready to discover a whole new world of people and online webcam chat rooms, connect your webcam and proceed to the download. In no time you’ll not only be talking to, but also seeing beautiful people from all over the globe, as CamFrog is easy to setup and used by millions.

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Version 6.11.480
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On Site Since 18/May/2010
Author Camfrog
Last Update 18/June/2015
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Requirements DirectX