Caller ID Events

Caller ID Events

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"Versatile caller ID and call management solution"
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Caller ID Events

If you're looking for a dedicated application to manage your received calls, you might consider reading on, as here we present the product called Caller ID Events.

This software will inform you who is actually calling you showing you the caller's name, number, picture, sound and even voice. It furthermore offers a professional call log and the registered calls can be read by picking a date. As such you can be shown logged entries for all incoming as well as outgoing calls, saved to your computer. Moreover, Caller ID Events also features an internet server, enabling you online access to your call management system through a browser from anywhere you are. You'll not only be able to read, but also to edit and erase phone calls and the program can even send you call details to your email or another program as well.

If interested in finding out more about these and other features of this product, proceed to the download.

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